Product Name

OAK is limitless furnishings, luxury and style for the most demanding clients. OAK design is born as a division of OAK, to satisfy the expectations of quality, prestige and contemporary luxury. OAK design collections meet the taste of clients who love a modern furnishing, elegant in its forms and original, able to create refined and studied spaces. These products are addressed to a modern home that does not give up the quality of the details, the excellent finishings, the most precious materials. Our modern collections do not only look for form, but also for contents, for this reason they are above the passing trends: they are timeless, classic in their modernity, always up-to-date thanks to their transversal character.


Details are what distinguish OAK design furnishings. The careful choice of fine materials and sophisticated finishings gives value to the products and to the projects in which they are included. Our philosophy is to build furniture of the highest quality, combining an accurate selection of the raw materials, highly specialized labor and a sartorial attention to details. The key to our success is the union of an artisan approach with the most advanced production methods, together with the flexibility that allows us to meet the demands of the different international markets. Our experience is guarantee of a final result that always fulfills the expectations. What we offer our clients is absolute excellence.