Sober and, as much as life can permit, linear too, Scacchetti’s path: master of expertise expressed in four decades of academic and professional life, in which he manifested, since the beginning in Milano, strong ethical roots. His responsible discipline of conduct, always pursued and never betrayed, has been recognized and appreciated even elsewhere, in other markets, in other cultures. “The drawing has always fascinated me, especially the one by hand, straight off, the note, the sketch of a project. I believe there is a direct common thread between thought and hand when we sketch. To do, and to do in concrete terms: yes drawing, but drawing only as “promise” of realization, as prediction, as project”.

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Sottsass was born on September 14, 1917, in Innsbruck, Austria, and grew up in Turin, where his father, also named Ettore Sottsass, was an architect.[1] The elder Sottsass belonged to the modernist architecture group Movimento Italiano per l'Architectura Razionale (MIAR), which was led by Giuseppe Pagano. The younger Sottsass was educated at the Politecnico di Torino in Turin and graduated in 1939 with a degree in architecture. He served in the Italian military, in the Repubblica Sociale Italiana, and spent some of World War II in a prison and then in a labor camp in Yugoslavia. Sottsass Associati, primarily an architectural practice, also designed elaborate stores and showrooms for Esprit, identities for Alessi, exhibitions, interiors, consumer electronics in Japan and furniture of all kinds. The studio was based on the cultural guidance of Ettore Sottsass and the work conducted by its many young associates, who often left to open their own studios. Sottsass Associati is now based in London and Milan and continue to sustain the work, philosophy and culture of the studio. The studio works with former members of Memphis as well as with the architect Johanna Grawunder and the industrial designer James Irvine. It works for major companies like Apple, Philips, Siemens, Zanotta, Fiat, Alessi, and also realises the interior design of all the retail shops of Esprit (Esprit Holdings).

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